Executive Management Consulting

What we do:

Our methodology is simple; with our hands-on strategic, financial and technology solutions, we first understand the business requirements and objectives by meeting with all stake holders, evaluate the team, systems, processes & cultural environment. Develop a plan with meaningful and attainable goals. Obtain approval from stake holders then execute the plan, while communicating thoroughly throughout each phase. Finally, document and reassess.

As we move through each phase, a new sense of accountability, responsibility and dependability begins to emerge. As this happens throughout the process, executive management begins to see change, efficiencies and productivity increase. As a final step to our methodology, executive management and our team work to finalize an exit strategy for continued success.

Mission Statement

To bring value to our clients by delivering a solution comprised of highly strategic, technical and innovative techniques focused on the needs and priorities of our clients while creating value and measurable efficiency gains in a timely manner.

What “Crossturn” means to our clients:

Throughout our engagement, we focus on people, revenue, cost, process, service and technology at the lowest common denominator and gradually turnaround each function to raise the organization’s credibility and create a balance between investment and value while building an organization without creating any undue displacement to the company.

Competitive Advantage

As a small consulting firm, we don’t charge for executive overhead, whereas, a larger firm would. Larger firms create an enormous amount of process, in the form of “methodologies”, resulting in higher costs. Most consultants focus on large solutions first, we focus on solutions based on low hanging fruit at little or no additional cost and Instead of spending months documenting with no action, we evaluate and act quickly. Our goal is to evaluate, plan, execute, document and exit the client in a better state instead of a never ending engagement.


Our ability to rapidly integrate into your organization with our interim management consultants who have proven expertise in their respective industries provides our clients with a formula for success.

Manufacturing . Distribution . Chemicals . Consumer Products . Financial Services . Grocery . Healthcare . Construction . High Tech . Pharmaceutical . Media & Entertainment . Publishing . Oil & Gas . Private Equity . Public Sector . Restaurant & Foodservice . Retail . Software. Sports . Telecommunications . Transportation & Logistics . Utilities