Executive Recruiting

What we do:

By looking at our customers as Partners, we are committed to delivering unequaled value to the Talent Acquisition process.

Area of Expertise

Due to our Partner Consultants having a professional background in manufacturing companies, our expertise lies within all functional areas. This includes but is not limited to Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources, also referred to as “Shared Services”, along with Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Supply-Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Operations, Production, Quality, R&D, Continuous Improvement, Inventory, Warehouse and Maintenance from C-Level Executives to Degree’d professionals as well as non-degreed management positions.

Our Value Proposition

Our Partners will be able to improve the ease, efficiency and productivity of the talent acquisition process as a result of our ability to understand your business, the role service and quality play in the process and by delivering no more than 3 candidates for any given position.

Our Commitment:

We put your needs before anything else. We thoroughly understand the details of your requirements, ensure the process is efficient and productive for you and your staff, and consistently deliver an experience that is unequaled in the industry.

Your business needs and benefits:

During the Talent Acquisition Process, we help reduce overall costs by reducing the time and effort spent by your internal staff while focusing on service and quality. By delivering 3 qualified candidates, we deliver only those candidates who meet the specified requirements for the role, make the best fit and deliver each option in a timely manner.


Our methodology has gained us 80% exclusivity with our clients, by delivering on our promise to make Talent Acquisition an easy, efficient and productive process. Further, because our partners are happy with our service and quality, we have attained zero receivables over 45 days on our aging. This is a testament that our partners are very happy to reward us for fulfilling our promise.