Outplacement Services

What we do:

At the core of our belief is the philosophy that we can best serve a transitioning employee’s needs by getting to know their individual needs, unique situation, personality type, strengths, weaknesses, traits and characteristics. To obtain this information, we provide every transition employee with a personal in-depth, one-on-one interview session with a transition consultant, where we gather and learn specifics about the person that cannot be ascertained through any other means.

We believe that every transition employee deserves the same personal one-on-one interview opportunity to discover their own specific details to help them produce the best resume, cover letter and marketing plan possible.

We believe in educating the transition employee how to write a resume, search job boards, utilize social networks, research companies and how to efficiently post their resume online for their current job search as well as any future searches throughout their career.

Our Transition Consultants:

Our transition consultant team members have extensive experience and knowledge in recruiting, resume writing, interviewing, researching, networking and career services, which adds a significant amount of value to each transition employee’s career search. Our transition consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and industries where they have served as hiring business managers, human resource managers or executives for fortune 500 companies.

National Presence:

Although our corporate offices are located in Chino Hills, CA, Crossturn Outplacement Services are able to service clients nationwide. Whether you are located in California, Washington State, New York, Florida or anywhere in between, we are able to place an office and transition consultant team within 5 – 15 miles of your location utilizing Executive Office Suites anywhere in the country. By using Executive Office Suites, we can setup our services within a weeks notice and be ready to service your facility and employees with the same quality, services and professionalism as our home office.

Our Core Competencies:

We have been told by our past transition employees that our technique, attention to detail, depth and broad business knowledge delivers transition consulting services second to none. We feel this is our strength and backbone to our outplacement services that no one else can touch. To maintain this reputation, we consistently focus on eight (8) simple guidelines during our transition process:

  1. Never assume we know anything about the person, therefore, learning as much as possible utilizing our thorough in-depth interview assessment process.
  2. Determine what makes a person relax in an interview then help them identify with that feeling so they can reproduce it during their next real interview.
  3. Depending on their career level, thoroughly understand the transition employee’s technical, business, people, communication, political, multi-tasking, organization and computer skills.
  4. Establish their strengths, weaknesses and successes by diving deep into their history then making sure everyone knows why, where, how and when so they can properly communicate them on a resume and interview.
  5. Learning what activities a person does for fun outside of work provides another dimension to a persons capabilities, intellect, wisdom, values, culture and one’s own personal toolbox.
  6. Teaching and educating – there are so many areas within a career and job search that are very helpful and beneficial that are unknown unless introduced to them. Our concierge service and interviewing process opens doors to this information to anyone within our program.
  7. Instead of writing a resume for the transitioning employee we educate the individual and begin the comprehensive process of helping them write a resume and cover letter. This process might take a few iterations but ultimately the transition employee now owns the knowledge for current and future career searches. In the case of an executive, we provide full resume and cover letter writing services where needed.
  8. Follow-up and follow through – when a transitioning employee submits a resume and cover letter to a potential employer, we assist them on how to deal with and prepare for non-responses, rejections, positive responses, feedback, interviews, follow-up emails and letters, mock interviews, dress code, questions, building rapport, the 30 second pitch, and many more.

Services & Plans:

To meet the needs of our clients and the special requirements of accommodating multiple levels of employees from non-exempt to executives, we have created a menu of services, which we call our transition plans. Each transition plan was carefully developed to provide superior service beginning with the one-on-one personal interview available to all transition employees.

Since our objective is to provide a flexible solution, may we suggest, first organizing your transition employees into groups, the length of time of services and the level of services you would like to provide. This way, you will be able to choose the plan that makes the most sense for each of your employee groups. If our transition plans below do not meet the needs of your company as they stand, feel free to select a hybrid solution for your transition employees. An example might be selecting the Gold plan but including three line item options from the Platinum plan.

Transition Plans