Business re-engineering, ERP Selection & Implementation
JK Leason, President Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company
“When we decided to replace our 25 year old computer system, I recognized we needed outside help and found the Crossturn Consulting Group. They proved instrumental in helping us understand the details involved in re-engineering our business through technology. They were effective in helping us with internal communication and system design issues while keeping us focused on our core business processes. Their superb assistance during this process helped us select, negotiate and implement a new network infrastructure and ERP System and I would happily recommend Crossturn Consulting Group, Inc. services to anyone”!

IT Turnaround
Doug Steil, CFO & S.V.P. Bowtie, Inc.
“True to their word, Crossturn Consulting entered the engagement promising we would see changes from IT customer service within 30 days, complete a full turn around of the IT department in 90 days, stabilize all systems, processes and procedures and hire a new IT Director within 6 months, Mission accomplished! I would not hesitate to hire them again”.

IT Turnaround
Marty McColgan, President, BMK, L.P.
“Although Crossturn consolidated three systems into one, which consumed a great amount of time and energy, they were able to simultaneously lead many other projects such as, re-engineering and evaluating field ordering systems, warehouse management systems, accounting system and rebuilding the IT department with qualified staff. I would not hesitate to bring Crossturn into any IT situation needed this level of management and expertise”.

IT Turnaround
Gerard Thompson, CFO BMK, L.P.
“Crossturn was faced with a very challenging and somewhat political environment where new management was focused on quick technology solutions. Crossturn was not only able to meet the needs of management but was also able to convince us to choose a solution that would be the least disruptive to the organization, provide the largest return on investment and provide the quickest path to activation. Crossturn was able to effectively work with the IT staff, department heads and management to get the job done. I would not hesitate to hire Crossturn again”.

IT Turnaround & ERP Rescue
Darron Ash, Chief Financial Officer Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, LLP Olympus Real Estate LLP and Morningstar Foods
“When several mergers found us with four different IT systems, Crossturn was able not only to find solutions to integration but also found the correct solution to the human resource issues. We would have not met our time line without them”.

IT Turnaround
Rick Clark, President, Suiza Foods, Inc., Morningstar Foods, Inc.
“Crossturn Consulting’s World Class approach to our IT problems involved all aspects of our business while providing a rapid non-disruptive solution to our information flow”.

IT Turnaround
Nanette Hall, Assistant Superintendent, Bonita Unified School District, Educational Services
“In 2014, Bonita Unified School District’s Computer Information Services (CIS) Department was
seriously dysfunctional. They had trouble with leadership, efficiency, quality and customer service.
We brought a consultant from Crossturn Consulting Group, Inc. (CCG) to achieve four goals: 1) Assess
the current status and recommend a course of action; 2) Take over the department until a new Chief
Technology Officer (CTO) could be hired; 3) Work with the CIS and administration teams to minimize
issues during the first couple of months of the new school year and 4) Assist in the job search for the
new CTO. CCG’s work exceeded our expectations from the moment they met with our executive team
to discuss the possibilities.

During our initial discussion, CCG was helpful and candid in our conversation without giving us a sales
pitch. From the moment they started working with the CIS Department, their professional approach
gained them credibility with the CIS team members winning their confidence to follow their lead. The
communication with management regarding progress was integral to keeping the momentum of
change after the contract was completed. CCG’s access to multiple resources were brought in to help
in specialized areas, saved the department during a critical time of need, when school was starting.
Within four weeks of working with our Computer Information Services Department, CCG took a
dysfunctional department and began the transformation to a customer-focused department. He met
all four of our desired goals.

Six months after working with Crossturn Consulting Group, our CIS Department has made
tremendous growth and is making progress toward becoming a high-functioning, quality-focused
department providing exceptional customer service. Crossturn Consulting Group was integral to
making this change. “

ERP Selection & Implementation
Glynn Morris, President, Presto Food Products, Inc.
“Crossturn Consulting approaches IT solutions with the entire business in mind. They were able to solve our information issues while keeping the business running smoothly”.

ERP Selection & Implementation
Rich Van Wagenen, CFO and SVP Presto Food Products, Inc.
“Crossturn was responsible for a complete upgrade of our MIS system. They were great at involving people from throughout the organization so that there was both an excellent finished product and a commitment to make it work from all levels of the organization”.